The Laughter Secret

The definition of the expression Shhhh, is not “be quiet.” The real definition is:

I can’t deal with your expressions of happiness. You are laughing too loud. And when you laugh loud that means you have happiness in your life. I am afraid. I am afraid because I may never know that level of happiness.

As I was riding home on the bus today, I realized that there are a lot of people that look unpleasant, sad, or mad even. Life has got us down. Or maybe people were just mad because they were on the crowded bus. Or maybe we all just have lots of problems that have us looking so sad…

I’m not judging…because I am often one of those sad looking people.

When we are wrapped up in our sadness, anyone that is outwardly expressing happiness, specifically through laughter, bothers us. We want to tell them to Shhh…

I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum. I have been on the extrovert, outwardly expressing happiness through laughter side, and I have been on the inward, introvert, don’t they really know how bad and lonely life really is and if they did, they wouldn’t be laughing so loud side.

But I’m at least aware enough to admit it.

These next few blog posts will explore the secret of my laughter. I’m not a comedian, so don’t expect funny blog posts. But I hope these posts will give us all the motivation to seek humor in our lives as well as the courage to express it in whatever way feels natural.


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