The Laughter Gene

“Then, not only a breeze of love and spirit…ever a giggle and a smile…cheer/cheer/cheer!…Charm and just plain happy personality brought her far ahead of the era.” -An excerpt from a letter written to me about my grandmother from a family friend

Me and my grandma

The description above was written by a gentleman who my grandmother worked for years ago. She worked for the man’s family as a housekeeper (think about the movie, The Help, but even in a period of time before that movie was set). The letter was written to me back in 1994 as a part of a graduation gift. The description of my grandmother that this man wrote was one of the most special gifts I ever received.

Imagine a small, even frail looking woman, who when there was something that she found funny, would burst out in the most contagious laugh.


Kind of like me (except for the small and frail part).🙂

This description of my grandmother’s personality and laugh was validating for me. I have felt and still feel awkward about my laugh. But I loved and adored by grandma. Everything about her was wonderful. And if there is such a thing as a “laughing gene,” I definitely inherited it from her. What a beautiful gift she left me. I honor her every time I let go and let out my infectious laugh. The gift of laughter is worth much more than any money or possessions that she could have left me. Thank you, and…

Laugh on, grandma…laugh on.

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